Roman Blinds

Roman blinds operate similar to roller blinds. They extend from top to bottom, covering the entire length of any glass.

The main difference here is presentation.

Roman blinds involve stacks of fabrics that are even in area. Each stack is folded beneath the other when drawn up.

Thus, a roman blind is not rolled up for storage into a headrail.

Roman blinds exist with a multitude of style options. This allows you to select a style that reflects luxury, while reflecting the interior trends of the time.


Like many of our blind fabrics, we supply roman blinds with blackout shades and thermal resistance.

With blackouts and thermal resistance, our roman blinds work well in hot environments.

They are excellent for home environments, especially those that value comfort.

Easy to Use

Roman blinds operate in a straightforward fashion. They retract upwards, and extend downward to cover the entire space of your glass.


A Roman blind’s style is beautiful in many spaces. Due to their vertical extension, we recommend them for glass doors.

Glass doors are more likely to be found in commercial environments. For example, public social spaces use glass doors as decorative.

There, a Roman blind will add an excellent touch of style.

Also, windows with more length than width work well with Roman blinds.

But beyond commercial environments, Roman blinds are excellent for bedrooms, being more oriented towards comfort of use.

They are easy to operate, and cause less hassle than other types of blinds. Light intake is easily controlled and adjusted.

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