Roller Blinds

For all those who want a simple and modern-looking window, roller blinds are what to choose.

A roller blind differs from standard vertical or venetian blinds. With a roller blind, you do not use slats to control incoming light and air.

Saves Space

The blind fabric extends from a headrail to the bottom of the window/door.

The headrails are specifically designed to store the entire fabric of the blind. This allows you to totally hide the blind from view, if you wish so.

This space saving feature allows you to maximize sunlight intake into a room.

Alternatively, it allows you to fully block out sunlight, depending on the fabrics you choose.

Properties of Fabrics

You may choose to adopt a blackout roller blind fabric. This allows you both the element of style, and the practicality of sunlight reduction.

You may also choose a light-reflective fabric, to further lower sunlight coming into your room.

Also, we provide blind fabric that is moisture resistant and flame retardant.


With moisture resistant features, a roller blind works well with kitchen and restroom environments.

The flame retardant property of fabrics allows you to use them in high heat environments.

They work well in environments that rely on heat treatment, or use flammable products, such as workshops or laboratories.

Ease of Use

LA Blinds offers you the option of receiving a standard headrail, or a motorized one.

This allows you to control the extension and retraction of blinds manually, or with the click of a button.

Finally, we would like to note that such blinds are safe for use by children. And roller blinds are easy to extend or retract.

If you need a type of blind that works well with toddlers, we recommend you roller blinds.

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