Skylight Blinds

Here are LA Blinds, we offer perfect fit services.

For our metal Venetian, roller, and pleated blinds, we create frames to perfectly fit your chosen blinds.

The frames we create tightly hug the decorated window. Frames block all gaps in your window, ensuring maximum light insulation.

Recommended Uses

Really, perfect fit is suitable everywhere. But specifically, we recommend them for glass backdoors and conservatories.

For example, if you’re a greenhouse owner, perfect fit is almost a requirement.

With perfect fit, you maximize control over light and heat intake at the same time.

Also, perfect fit frames are highly practical. You can easily open and close windows without having to brush your blinds out of the way.

This adds an element of comfort and versatility to using perfect fit frames.

No Deformities to any Walls

Perfect fit blinds are installed without the use of any drilling devices.

You can now have curtains, without worrying about ugly holes in your wall.

Perfect fit blinds are easily installed, where measurements are taken to the millimetre.

Thus, with a perfect fit, you’ll receive blinds that are easy to remove and clean.

Extremely Diverse Fabric Options

Fabrics of perfect blinds come in multiple shades and colours.

Here are LA Blinds, we offer the fabrics of roller blinds, metal Venetian, and pleated blinds for installation.

You can diversify between blackouts for bedrooms, to colourful fabric options for living rooms.

Useful for Professional Environments

Perfect fit frames also work with uPVC doors.

Such doors are usually used in metal cabins, specifically in construction environments.

If you feel the need to change the blinds on a cabin door, perfect fit is what you should go for.

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