Day & Night

For beauty and simplicity, we recommend you day and night blinds.

Day and night blend both opaque and sheer fabrics into one. This creates a beautifully woven blind with alternating contrasting colours.

A roller blind differs from standard vertical or venetian blinds. With a roller blind, you do not use slats to control incoming light and air.

But style isn’t all you receive with such blinds. Day and night blinds provide you unique light control, not found in other blind types.

You can draw your day and night blinds in a manner that makes use of blackout instalments unnecessary.


If you want to impress the eyes of customers, simply adopt day and night blinds.

The level of light control is excellent for leisure environments. Social spots such as cafes work well with day and night blinds.

We also recommend day and night blinds to light sensitive eyes. If you feel the need for a dark environment that doesn’t lack light, try day and night blinds.

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